These rules are the basis of the TETR.IO community and endeavor to keep it a fun and welcoming place for everyone. Please understand the faith in which these rules are written and do not try to look for loopholes ー moderators hold the final say.


  1. Play fair. Using any third-party utilities, loopholes or exploits of any kind to get any sort of advantage is not OK. This includes but is not limited to things like macro programs, timescale programs, using multiple accounts to gain a competitive advantage, bots and so on. This also includes sharing such tools and/or methods.
    • Tournament rules are included in this. When playing in a tournament, follow the established rules of the tournament, given they do not break Community Rules or Terms of Service. Keep tournaments fair.
  2. Be civil. Harassment, antagonism, discrimination, spamming and the such have no place in the TETR.IO community. Talk to people as if you're talking to them in real life. Banter is fun, but only if everyone is OK with it. If you're uncertain whether you're breaking this rule, you probably are.
  3. We are an all-ages community. 18+ ("NSFW") content such as drug use or topics of a sexual nature are not allowed in public chats and other public spaces.
    • Similarly, keep avatars, banners and "about me" sections safe for work. Any offensive content found will be removed and earn you a restriction.
  4. Let the moderators handle issues. "Backseat moderation" often only impedes the work of moderators. Report players with the ingame buttons and move on, please. Furthermore, when someone gets silenced or restricted, please leave the situation be. Their case involves only them and the moderators.
  5. Encourage fair play. Do not give attention or encouragement to cheaters or toxic players, as that may encourage them to continue. Report and move on.
  6. Don't advertise third-party chat servers of any kind, including Discord, Teamspeak or Skype servers/groups. Do it via private channels.


It's easy to create a secondary account ("alt") for yourself. However, when creating one, please consider our alt policy:


If you find yourself on the wrong side of our rules, bad things will happen, including but not limited to:

  • A silence ー the removal of your ability to chat in-game or create public rooms for a period of time (or forever)
  • The removal of infringing content from your profile and (global) leaderboards
  • A restriction ー the removal of your ability to play online or submit scores entirely for a period of time (or forever)
  • A block ー the removal of access to your account for a period of time (or forever)
  • The blocking of your IP ー disallows creation of new accounts for a period of time (or forever), often used when it is suspected that the IP belongs to a larger group of people (e.g. a school)

Severe offenses that go well beyond the scope of our rules may see your entire account terminated immediately.