TETR.IO offers a wide variety of services to users from almost every country around the world, with a vibrant community and many opportunities for users to share their creativity with others.

In order to offer these services to you, we must often collect, store and transmit personal information. We strive to be as transparent as possible in every aspect of running TETR.IO, and this privacy policy should bring us even closer to that goal.

This document aims to describe what information we collect on our network and in the use of our products and services, how we use that information and what options we offer you to control your personal information.

By using our service, you confirm that you have read and understood the Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy, including how and why we use your information and that your use of the service is subject to the applicable Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy. If you do not want us to collect or process your personal information as described herein, you have several choices including limiting the information we collect on you, or not using the Network, or our Products and Services.


When registering an anonymous account

While limited functionality can be enjoyed without any account, it is often required that a user registers an account to experience certain services. When registering an anonymous account, we store

  • Your username
  • Your IP address

This personal information, with the exception of your username, is never shared publicly.

When registering an account

While limited functionality can be enjoyed with an anonymous account, it is often required that a user registers a full account to experience certain services. When registering a full account, we store

  • Your username
  • Your password (saved securely using bcrypt)
  • Your IP address
  • Your email address (optional)
  • Your country (based on IP address)

This personal information, with the exception of your username and country, is never shared publicly. You may choose to hide your country at any time.

When logging in to the game

When connecting to our Service, your IP address, as well as some statistics of the device you are using, may be logged and attached to your username. The main purpose of this is to maintain a fair ranking system and help us enforce account security should your account be accessed from a compromised location. This is considered private and only stored as long as it is deemed relevant.

When playing the game and submitting scores

When completing a game session, details on your performance will be automatically submitted to our servers. This submission includes game replay data and may be displayed publicly in Global Leaderboards (called "Tetra Channel") and on your User Profile and can not be deleted or modified.

When accessing the Service in general

TETR.IO uses the self-hosted analytics service Matomo as well as data generated by normal usage of the Service to collect analytics data about the way you find and interact with the Service. This data includes information like what device you are using, what technologies your browser supports and information sent by your browser. This data is stored on-premises and, with the exception of general anonymous aggregate statistics, is never shared publicly.

When using TETR.IO Desktop

When opening TETR.IO Desktop, the program will search for updates to said software. It does so by polling a simple file which tells it which version is the latest version. In this process, zero user data is collected. Using TETR.IO Desktop therefore collects the same data as using the browser version.


We do not perform any marketing, advertising nor send any unsolicited emails. The only emails you will receive from us are the result of an action on our service (such as requesting two-factor authentication, purchasing a product or enabling notifications for a discussion).


As a user you have the right to migrate, update or delete your personal information. This can be done primarily from the user settings, or where not available from an "Edit" feature on the relevant section of our site.

It is possible to opt-out of analytics data collection done through Matomo. This can be done by configuring your browser to send a Do-Not-Track header with your requests.

As a user you have the option of deleting your account from our service. You may do so from the Account settings panel, found under Config. In the case of account deletion, portions of your public contributions may remain intact, as detailed in "Information we collect".


We use cookies, like most of the internet. We strictly use them to maintain your session state and login credentials across multiple sessions, as well as to collect analytics data (see 4. YOUR RIGHTS AND CONTROL). If you do not wish for cookies to be stored, please do not use our services.


Security is very important to us. TETR.IO follows accepted standards to protect your personal information during processing, transferring, and storage. We ensure all sites on our domain are encrypted via TLS and maintain high standards in data security for access to our servers, restricting access to your personal data when we do not need to access it.


Our services are not designed for children under the age of 13. If we discover that a person under the age of 13 has submitted personal information to us without parental permission, we will endeavour to delete the information from our systems.